East Coast Starz Pink Hummer Limo Adventure for Team New Delhi and Friends! Mindy’s Munchies, L.O.L. Kids NYC Shopping Spree, Lunch Date, Photo Shoot, POP UP Runway Show in the Streets of NYC…. Celebratory sparkling cider toast! All in the day of being an East Coast Starz model! Get in on the fun! Play hard. Win BIG! #TEAMWORK

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Photography by: Stacy Gallazzi
Wardrobe by: L.O.L. Kids 216 Front Street NY, NY
Stylist: Stacie Fitzgerald
Director: Lauren Handler

East Coast Starz is a team fashion competition for girl’s ages 2-17 years. Girls from across the country come together to form a team and take the “Starz Challenge” together, participating in runway and photogenic competitions to score their share of awesome prizes! Each team is given a different destination from around the globe in which they research and put together an outfit that reflects this destination to walk the runway. Each model participating is also give the opportunity to model for one of our sponsor designers, get head shots, an editorial shoot, meet with New York managers and agencies onsite and create lasting long friendships with other girls with the same interests. Get your fashionista on the glowing pink runway today! http://www.EastCoastStarz.com