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Take 8 Registration Now Open


New York, NY –May 27th, 2014—East Coast Starz, a leading producer of unique fashion experiences for girls, Today opened registration for Take 8, its bi-annual fashion event for girls and teens. The event will take place November 15-16, 2014 at the Hanover Marriott in Whippany, New Jersey.

The weekend will bring girls together from across the country to celebrate fashion, acquire team work and interpersonal skills, and build lifelong friendships. Take 8 also provides participants with invaluable experience in front of the camera and on the runway, and exposure to industry agents, photographers and designers.

The fall/winter event continues to invite its young participants to explore the world around them, by placing them in several groups, representing major fashion hubs around the world. The girls will be asked to research the different cities, and style the group outfits in a way that reflects the current fashion style in the city they represent. The program also continues its community involvement with One Kid Can Change the World, and will present the girls with a hands on philanthropic challenge during the event.

“We are so excited to continue this fantastic journey,” says Lauren Handler, co-director of East Coast Starz. “We believe that the runway builds confidence, and strengthens a child’s self-esteem in her most important formative years, and it is so gratifying to see so many of our kids join us year after year for this.”

“Take 8 is shaping up to be our largest event to date,” says Stacie Fitzgerald, Co-Director of East Coast Starz. “We are extremely fortunate to have an impressive roster of industry insiders who will join us in November, providing the girls with hands on experience in photoshoots and on the runway.”

About East Coast Starz

East Coast Starz is a program created to help both parents and children become educated and involved in the fashion industry. The program holds two competition events a year, with little pop up “Runway the Fun Way” every month.  The show allows children between the ages of 2-16 to discover and bring out their inner star qualities so they can shine brighter on the outside. We build up the self-confidence in children and pave their road to success. We bring in top NYC agents, managers and scouts to sign new talent and start careers, We invite designers and stars to talk to the girls, inspiring them that dreams can come true.    We believe that the runway builds confidence, and strengthens a child’s self-esteem in her most important formative years. Additionally, our program provides a venue for girls to share common interests and lifelong friendships.