East Coast Starz was honored to be apart of the Christopher DeCrescito Memorial Fundraising Event to help raise money to give to those families that have lost a parent to a drunk driver and need financial assistance. Over sixty models hit the runway down the alley in support of the cause. Special guest performances by American Idol’s Amaryllis Rodriguez, Courtney Calle and Haley Huelsman from the hit TV show, “Abby Lee’s Ultimate Dancer” wowed the crowd! All of the styles on the runway were designed by Five Loaves Two Fish and Les Tout Petits. A special thank you to our amazing “Paparazzi” photographers Richard Renda Totally Cool, Anna Mafster of Candy Kid Photography and Stacy Gallizzi. 

“Sometimes a child needs to build confidence and feel that … to be able to feel that they can do something that is inside of them. This runway show and events like this are the opportunity to help build that confidence. If a child has a dream help them to reach it. And you never know – someone might do the same for you. Help make a Dream come true !!!!” – Richard Renda Totally Cool