MinusFive (1024x678)There’s nothing better then an East Coast Starz Pink Hummer Limo Adventure! We were psyched to take our Take 9! winning team and Pose Off Winners to be VIP Guests at the Bound by the Crown FW15′ Fashion Show for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC to walk the red carpet! ZOE LTD the original sponsor of this winning team at Take 9! sponsored them again for this trip! When the dresses arrived we knew the girls would freak out and they did… they were riding around together on this amazing trip wearing clothes sewn and designed in New York City exclusively by ZOE LTD! Check out there site for clothes girls and tweens flip for! http://www.zoeltd.com/

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G70A9999-Edit web version (683x1024)We took the girls to the MINUS FIVE BELOW Ice Bar for fancy “Mocktails” in cups made of ice to toast their big win. They loved putting on the big fur coats. They felt like glamours movie stars! Photos were taken by the extremely talented Stacy Gallizzi with hair and make up touch ups by Christina Hayford. Next we went to the SUGAR FACTORY NYC for some lunch and ice cream with fireworks! Who doesn’t like sparklers in their ice cream? This was a hit. We boarded all of the Starz Fashionistas up in the famous “Pink Hummer Limo” and were off to the red carpet. When we pulled up to the show, hundreds of people were standing outside waiting to be seated. They cheered when they saw the pink limo and our girls came out in the gorgeous ZOE LTD dresses like the starz they are to take photos with the designer, Susanna Barrett Paliotta. They were let right in to the gifting suite and got some great gifts! Next they were escorted to their front row seats and some of the Starz were lucky enough to walk in the show!

G70A9897-Edit web version (683x1024)Join the fun and get your fashionista on the glowing pink runway! You never know where we might take you!G70A9878-Edit web version (683x1024)