Meet your Take 10! Winners from Show #3… TEAM SIBERIA! This pack of 12 year old’s became fast friends and always have a blast both on and off the runway. Dressing girls 12 yrs. can be tricky so we decided to go with the classic “little black dress” and there is no where better to go in New York City for gorgeous clothes than L.O.L. Kids 216 Front Street NY, NY. The girls LOVED them and they all looked amazing!

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We started off our trip by boarding the Spirit of New York Cruise around NYC to see the Statue of Liberty, lunch and dancing! They hailed for the Pink Hummer Limo and just like that we were off! We decided to test their teamwork skills by bringing them to Zombie Escape Room where together they had to solve the clues to break free! Needless to say they made it out alive and to celebrate we sent to one of our favorite stops for ice cream Sugar & Plum. Fun, Fashion & Friends! #EastCoastStarz

Wardrobe by L.O.L. Kids 216 Front Street NY, NY

Photography by Stacy Gallizzi

Directed by Lauren Handler & Stacie Fitzgerald