Taking home the title of Ultimate Fashionista’s in the 2-6 yrs. show at Take 10! was Team Lilongwe, Malawi! These pint sized super models were ecstatic for their team to win the crowns, champion jackets, confetti blast and most of all this Pink Hummer Limo trip to celebrate their victory! Now boarding the Spirit of New York cruise… TEAM MALAWI! We started off our day on a cruise around New York City to see the Statue of Liberty, lunch and dancing! Some how these cuties made their way into see the captain of the ship… must of been their cute little smiles : ) After doing the conga line around the ship and having some dessert we pulled back up the dock and boarded the Pink Hummer Limo!

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We are in love with these blue dresses from Halabaloo that were gifted to each of the models upon their arrival. We were ready to hit the road for our photo shoots! We made a stop at the gorgeous Sea Glass Carousel for a ride and it truly made an awesome backdrop for our photos as it complimented the dresses so nicely. Next up was the Chocolate Works Factory and it was a HANDS on experience! The girls got to make their own treats, use the “chocolate car wash” and drive into the chocolate fountain!

All in the day of an East Coast Starz Champion! These girls will keep you on your toes and are always ready to party!

Take 10! 2-6 yrs. Champions  Team Lilongwe, Malawi

Photography by Stacy Gallizzi

Wardrobe by Halabaloo

Directed by Lauren Handler & Stacy Fitzgerald