You really just never know what East Coast Starz is going to come up with next! As returning Champions we needed to mix it up for this winning Take 15 team so when they expected a Hummer Limo to pull up to take them out for the day…. you might of guessed they were in for a SHOCK to see their new ride… THE CHICKEN BUS! Off we were in our well um… very unique and fun ride headed to Times Square NYC. The girls stopped in this spot to shoot some fun photos in their new outfits by Garage. We boarded back on the bus to head to Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar for lunch and sparkling desserts! YUM! Each of the girls got to shoot with Stacy Gallizzi of Souls Imagined for a personal photo shoot. As our grand finale we went to CANDYTOPIA a deliciously fun interactive experience! The Starz girls were BLASTED with confetti, swam in a pool of marshmallows and were immersed in a fantasy world of candy fun!

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