Welcome to East Coast Starz! With a passion for children, fashion, and the New York modeling industry we have developed a program that allows every girl to shine and try to achieve their dreams.

East Coast Starz holds two main events per year. Our Spring/Summer show held each May and our Fall/Winter show each November. At these shows you will find it all! The runway shows, the photo shoots, the couture, the agencies/managers, designers, photographers, big elaborate parties, celebrity guests and PRIZES! Each show is a different “Take”. Currently we are registering models for Take 9! May 16-17, 2015 in Whippany, New Jersey. This event is open to girls 2-17 yrs. old.Kayla

We open as many doors as possible and create as many opportunities for every child we can to become involved in print modeling, runway modeling, acting and other performing arts projects.  We have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most talented individuals in the industry. We have gained tremendous success and support with our company because we are straight forward and deliver what we promise. We work with agencies, managers, children’s fashion designers and stores all around the world.

East Coast Starz is not a modeling agency. Starz is a program created to help both parents and children become educated and involved in this industry. To discover and bring out their children’s inner star qualities so they can shine brighter on the outside. We build up the self-confidence in children and pave the way to their road to success. We believe the runway builds confidence! Every child will not be successful in the modeling and acting industry. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy being a runway model or doing fun photo shoots at our events. Most importantly we provide a venue for all of these girls that have the same interests. We promote fashion, fun and friendships. The girls do not compete against each other.  They win together as a team and support one another.

DSC_8100-2 (1)These unique fashion experiences are not only teaching participants about U.S. happenings but actually educating them about fashion in different countries from around the globe. Enriching their lives with all of the beautiful cultures and teaching them to become young philanthropists during these impressionable formative years in their lives. http://eastcoaststarz.com/news/east-coast-starz-participants-help-polish-orphans-stay-warm-this-winter/1375

Throughout the year we hold a variety of children’s fashion events in different cities showcasing designers from all around the globe. At our Star Gazer shows, models select an outfit with the styling help of Child Stylist Stacie Fitzgerald, get their hair and make-up done, have a one on one photo shoot, group photo shoot and walk in our Star Gazer runway show. They keep the couture, images from their shoots and a memorable day on the runway with friends!


Whether this is all new to you or your child is a working model/actress you are welcome to join in the fun! Every fashionista enjoys hitting the “pink” runway at East Coast Starz! Visit our Registration Page for upcoming events.

Directed by Lauren Handler & Stacie Fitzgerald